Dan Tranh - Vinh Bao

Dan Tranh - Vinh Bao was formed in 2004 by a group of students of Professor Vinh Bao.  Dan Tranh - Vinh Bao's  mission is to preserve, develop and promote Vietnamese Traditional Music, especially Tradition of the South (Nhac Tai Tu Nam Bo), for people who love traditional music,  and also building a bridge between Professor Vinh Bao's students in many different states in US.

To fulfill its purpose, Dan Tranh - Vinh Bao  participates in activites like:

  • introducing and performing traditional music to schools and universities in US
  • broadcasting traditional music shows on the TV and Radio Stations in US (wherever it's possible)
  • opening classes for dan tranh  with the method and  music lessons of Professor Vinh Bao
  •  posting valuable articles about famous artists, famous events  about  Tradition of the South (Nhac Tai Tu Nam Bo)
  • distributing free traditional music sheets for music lovers
  • posting clip of educational music lessons that were taught and explained by Professor Vinh Bao